Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spring cuts/sports

I decided since June is just around the corner it was time for buzz cuts. I got the above picture just by snapping and not asking them to pose. I asked them to pose nicely for a picture and this is what I got...seriously, Heidi, how do you do it?
James is giving batting pointers to our future Giants players

Watch out neighborhood...Mo is more mobile than ever! I wish this kid had some fear and would slow down. We have had construction on our street corner for the past few weeks and one side has been closed. It has been so nice to pretend to live on a cul-de-sac. My kids are loving riding all over our street without the car traffic.

My mom and dad gave Sam this MP3 player for his birthday. He loves to rock out with Mo. Right now our house is rockin out to "Dynamite", which is the Giants' Club song at their stadium this summer.

Another season of coaching Sam's soccer team. It is so fun to watch their skills develop. Sam is the little speedster on the field. He is loving soccer and hustles all over the field. He gets quite ticked off at mom/coach when he gets subbed out, especially if he has not scored in the game and feels he is owed more playing time.


Julie said...

Your boys are so cute. In some I swear they are clones of James, and in others I can see your face so clearly! And cheese smiles are awesome...

Cannon Clan said...

ha ha so cute! you just take 100 pictures and you are bound to find a good one! see you soon

Terri said...

You're kids are so athletic, maybe you should have them give mine a lesson. Best best for pictures of little boys, take them when they are not looking (then the face is mostly normal, instead of everything else).