Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spring cuts/sports

I decided since June is just around the corner it was time for buzz cuts. I got the above picture just by snapping and not asking them to pose. I asked them to pose nicely for a picture and this is what I got...seriously, Heidi, how do you do it?
James is giving batting pointers to our future Giants players

Watch out neighborhood...Mo is more mobile than ever! I wish this kid had some fear and would slow down. We have had construction on our street corner for the past few weeks and one side has been closed. It has been so nice to pretend to live on a cul-de-sac. My kids are loving riding all over our street without the car traffic.

My mom and dad gave Sam this MP3 player for his birthday. He loves to rock out with Mo. Right now our house is rockin out to "Dynamite", which is the Giants' Club song at their stadium this summer.

Another season of coaching Sam's soccer team. It is so fun to watch their skills develop. Sam is the little speedster on the field. He is loving soccer and hustles all over the field. He gets quite ticked off at mom/coach when he gets subbed out, especially if he has not scored in the game and feels he is owed more playing time.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jardines are back blogging!!!

My camera broke last sad! James has been taking pictures on his phone...which are not bad, but I miss my camera. Here is what we have been up to this spring:
A trip to Moab. Don't try to run a half marathon when you are sick....miserable slowness! Great weekend with my family and friends though.

We got away from the miserable, snowy, cold, spring of Salt Lake and went to St. George with Reed and Heidi at the beginning of April. Heidi was nice to send me her pictures, as I was without a camera the whole time. Here are some of my favorites.

Reed's kids had never been to St. George or Zion. Zion is full of fun memories and family reunions. I am so glad we got to go. It was the last day you could drive your car through the park. The next day they started the shuttle buses.

We all had bikes down there. Reed, Caleb, and I even got to go mountain biking on this way fun trail right by the Jardines' condo. I couldn't believe how awesome Caleb did. Some of the downhill parts I had a hard time keeping up with him. Our last night there we spent all evening riding around the neighborhood on our bikes; racing each other, making an ice cream run. It felt like a summer evening.

We even swam outside at the Stewart's pool Saturday afternoon, only to drive home the next day in snow....another month of cold.

For Mother's Day my family gave me a camera! I even got it a few days early so I could document Sam's birthday party.

Sam had a sports party for his 7th Birthday;
10 boys + balls+ bounce house = crazy fun!

We of course had a pinata for May 5th

It was a fun weekend. Sam had his party Friday night. He went to 2 birthday parties on Saturday, with a soccer game in between. Spring is busy. We are loving soccer (when it is not snowing). I am coaching Sam's team again this Spring.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

UEA Weekend....another visit from Grandma and Bapa

We were lucky to have another visit from my mom and dad over UEA weekend. The weather was beautiful and we had so much fun going to Thanksgiving point and the zoo.

Am I cut from the same mold as this lady or what?

This was a maze that you go through only making right turns. My dad tried to figure it out...Mo got bored after five minutes so went to find the others. He stood and pondered and then determined there was no solution and they had made a mistake. He of course notified the proper authorities. After a few reminders they finally came and checked it his satisfaction it was wrong. Someone had bumped a haystack while cleaning it. I laughed at my dad and told him he was having a "Monk moment".....he smiled and agreed.

Here he is proudly showing the kids the maze (after it was corrected). Don't give an engineer an problem with no solution....

This one did have a solution....note to future Corn Belly Maze goers: make sure you have a map in hand before entering the maze. They did not provide one to us. We asked a lady holding one in the maze where she got it, she gave us hers and told us where we were on the map. It took one PhD and one Masters to figure it out....but we did:)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sam started 1st Grade

Sam has been telling me all August how excited he is that he gets to go to school all day. He
got to pick out his desk and his locker the night before school started and meet his teacher. He looks so grown up. After his first day I asked him what his favorite thing was. He replied lunch and recess...they get to have recess 3 times not just once. I guess that was what all the excitement was for...not reading, writing, math :)
Today we were getting ready to take him to school and he found out Mo was going to Kid's Club without him...he was so mad! I think he gets it now. He goes to school all day and Mo gets to play. Mo is more bored now that he has to play with me. His school doesn't start for 2 more weeks. Thankfully on the days I work he gets to have cousin Clark come over and build him awesome things out of Legos. He keeps asking me when Clark is going to come over.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trip to St. George to say good bye to summer

Charisse invited us to play in St. George the week before school started to say goodbye to summer. We had a blast. Their pool has the amazing backdrop of snow canyon. We even got to go to dinner and swim with the Seninger gals because they were bringing Sierra down to school.
(Kathy is the one reading a cycling magazine with a shirt over her head.) We watched movies, decorated sugar cookies, and played games. Elias even beat me and Charisse in a game of Scrabble (with some helpful pointers on where to use the "x" tile and "s" tile to complete a double word score.)